A live interpretation of nowadays Electronic Dance Music is packed in an energetic act called Alive. Combining best of both worlds; the speed of a DJ set, and the entertainment of live artists; makes Alive a crowd pleaser that surely hypes up any audience. DJ Jay Mocio, Guitar player Roge, Percussionist Sammy Sticks, and MC Robbie Rise; Developed a new level of entertainment in the booming market of dance acts. Just a dance DJ isn’t enough for some crowds, so Alive made sure to have a broad repertoire to adapt to any crowd, and hit those sweet spots that makes them dance.

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Thanks PSV

Congrats PSV! And big thanks for inviting us for this big moment!

Meet Robbie!

Loud and clear... It's our MC/ Vocalist

Meet Jay!

The hands on the wheels of steel. Better known as the DJ.

Meet Sammy!

The other sticks are in his hand... Mr. Drumman himself!


Meet mr. Faraway

Hans on Keys!