Powerful, full of energy and a rhythm that takes your breath away. Sammy Sticks is one with the beat. A sensational live-drum-act in which timing, atmosphere and the experience with the deejay are the most important. Sammy Sticks is known for his ‘’Sticks-factor’’, which is the perfect match with the right feeling for the beat. When he is using his great improvisational skills, he is able to take the performance to a high level. With an impressive power of percussion and talent he knows how to deliver a fascinating, rhythmic act like no other. Besides his standard percussion set, Sammy Sticks uses light effects and samples to make it a flashing, remarkable act, leaving a memory to last.

Sammy Sticks performed with the likes of Blasterjaxx, Franky Rizardo, Michael Mendoza, Roul and Doors, La Fuente, Benny Rodrigues, Afros Bros, Jacob van Hage, Goodluck and Nikki Nice. He performs in clubs such as Club Bermuda Eindhoven, Time-Out Gemert, Manhattan Arnhem and at events such as XO Live 2013 (Extrema Outdoor), Beachboom 2013, SnowEvent Austria and Club Vrijdag Eindhoven.

With Sammy Sticks performing, you are assured of witnessing a unique musical show including the fitting ‘’wow-effect’’!


web: www.sammysticks.com
instagram: sammystickslive
twitter: @sammystickslive